These are a few of our favorite things: Alternative Energy

These are a few of our favorite things: Alternative Energy

Today I was hoping to introduce our favorite aerospace jobs. Unfortunately, the sales department brought attention to various NDAs signed, so we will have to skip aerospace. Just know that there were some pretty interesting projects. Instead, we’ll jump into alternative energy.

Over the years, we have helped our clients harness the power of tidal and wind energy. This year, it was all about wind power – with our customer TPI, we shaped over 450 square meters worth of wind turbine surfaces. TPI and Symmetrix have a long history of shaping large, detailed surfaces, while researching various materials and their uses. In 2015, we did two turbine projects – a 56.9m long blade (which will be showcased next week), and an 11.65m turbine. Tiny in comparison.

The 11.65m turbine went through the same rigorous design, build, and inspection process as its bigger brothers. Symmetrix chose materials based on heat and pressure tolerances from the client, performed vacuum testing, and shipped it in anticipation of being tens of molds and hundreds of wind turbines.

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