Class 40 Longbow

Class 40 Longbow

Congratulations to Carbon Ocean Yachts with the successful build and launch of the Owen Clarke deign Class 40 ‘Longbow’. Launched at the Newport Shipyard just a few weeks ago and currently undergoing sea trials, Symmetrix Composite Tooling was tapped to machine the complex deck surface here at our Bristol RI location.

The deck surface was split on centerline and machined in our large format CNC as a limited production DTM or direct to mold machined surface. Learn more about the Class 40 ‘Longbow’ here .

“The guys at Carbon Ocean Yachts had Longbow on exhibit at the Newport Boat Show last weekend and I got the tour from managing director Britt Colombo. I was impressed on a couple of levels; how futuristic and functional the deck layout is, and the close attention to detail and finish craftsmanship. Complements to Carbon Ocean!”

John Barnitt
President, Symmetrix Composite Tooling

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