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SYMMETRIX COMPOSITE TOOLING SHAPES INNOVATIVE ARTICULATED WALL PANELS FOR LUXURY HIGH-RISE Direct Machined Tooling used to manufacture fiber-reinforced panels BRISTOL, R.I. 03/01/21 — Symmetrix Composite Tooling, a full-service composite tooling manufacturer of complex and innovative design, was retained by Kreysler & Associates to fabricate the tooling for the innovative One Thousand...

North Carolina location up and running

Symmetrix opened its North Carolina doors in November 2019, and in March, we welcomed clients, family, and friends to our fully operational facility. Since then, we have grown the team, developed capabilities, and increased capacity. With the final testing, calibration and commissioning of a new large-format (26m x 6.2m x 3m) CMS Poseidon 5-axis machining center, identical...

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Symmetrix Composite Tooling is a full service composite tooling manufacturer of complex and innovative design that prides itself on precision and quality.