Complete Composite Tooling Services

Pattern & Plugs

We bring your complex shape to life with extremely accurate patterns and plugs. More…

DTM Limited Production

Our DTM limited production service allows you to be faster to market and cost conscious. It’s ideal for prototypes and limited runs. More…

FRP Production Tooling

We center our FRP production tooling service around the specific process requirements of the finished part and the key factors of the project. More…

If you can imagine it, we can shape it.

Large format CNC machining is one of our core competencies, made possible by our CMS Poseidon and Ares Model 6026
5-Axis Machining Centers.

We bring complex shapes to life.

Our equipment is state-of-the art, allowing us to create seemingly impossible complex forms, quickly, with extreme precision. But no machine can match the expertise of the people who plan and finish every project we tackle. Intuition and a high degree of sensitivity are essential when planning, fabricating, finishing, polishing and adjusting in order to ensure that your project is handled with the required level of care to create a unique, high-performing, composite form, mold, prototype, or plug that is engineered specifically for you. And only you.


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