Gunboat 55 Cleans Up During Awards Season

Gunboat 55 Cleans Up During Awards Season

The Gunboat 55, patterns for which came from our Bristol facility, was just recently named Cruising World’s Domestic Boat of the Year and Best Multihull Cruiser, SAIL Magazine’s 2015 Best Boat overall, and Sailing World’s 2015 Best Multihull. As we finish painting and sanding the Gunboat 78 deck, we take great delight in watching the “little” Gunboat do so well.

The pattern for the deck mould, back when it was humble and hadn't won anything yet
The pattern for the deck mold, back when it was young and humble

From Cruising World:

 “The Gunboat 55 is the first of what looks poised to possibly be a long run of this design,” said judge Tim Murphy. “I was really stunned – I guess that’s the word – with how many things I felt they got right. The construction is infused carbon fiber and West System epoxy, it’s stiff and light, all top notch. The helm and workstation, all inside the main cabin, not outside as with previous Gunboats, is a marvel of design and engineering.

From SAIL Magazine, regarding the construction:

“The carbon fiber and Corecell composite hulls and main deck are epoxy-infused via a vacuum-bag system that renders a massively strong hull form. Sacrificial bows and sterns, safety-glass windows, kick-up carbon-fiber rudders and centerboards (with shear pins), escape hatches, carbon-fiber spars and the speed to outrun the worst of most weather systems all add up to a boat that is as secure offshore as any: a fantastic sailing machine that more than does justice to its bigger Gunboat forbearers.”

From Sailing World:

“In regard to the Gunboat 55, however, the judges agreed: This is Gunboat’s crowning achievement. The look, the finish, and the sailing experience are all over the top.”

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