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Symmetrix operates three nearly identical 40,000 sq. ft. Centers for Composite Innovation. Large-format CNC machining is one of our core competencies and is made possible by the CMS Poseidon 5-Axis Machining Center. Optimized for durability, reliability, and precision machining, the Poseidon manages large projects as well as it does small. It never compromises rigidity or stability over an impressively large work envelope. Our Ares 5-Axis Machining Center extends our range of tooling materials to include aluminum and cured carbon fiber. We employ Siemens NX12 CAD/CAM software for all machines, giving us a quantum leap forward in delivering tooling quickly and accurately.

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When you choose a career with Symmetrix, you work on a variety of projects as part of a dedicated team. Symmetrix Composite Tooling is located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Statesville, North Carolina and Minden, Nevada.

We are a multi-axis digital fabricator specializing in composites and serving progressive industries such as alternative energy, transportation, marine, art, and architecture, operating multiple tooling plants located across the country. Staffing and training a top-quality crew of craftsman is a priority along with proper shop facilitation on a job by job basis. Our success is measured by the quality of work coming from each site, as well as the profitability, regulatory compliance, and safe operations of the facility.

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Symmetrix Composite Tooling is a full service composite tooling manufacturer of complex and innovative design that prides itself on precision and quality.