Quality Assurance

Well documented quality initiatives and craftsmanship

CAD/CAM Expertise

  • CAD file management and file control
  • Cutting authorization procedures and documents
  • Complete 3D simulation of all machined surfaces
  • CNC machine calibration checks before every finish cut
  • Cutting tool lengths and wear calibrated before every finish cut
  • Visual inspection checklist
  • Geometry verification and metrology

Composite Processing

  • Standard raw material inspection and acceptance procedures
  • Document control of raw materials including lot, vat, batch and date of manufacture
  • Samples of all resins and seamless modeling paste collected and retained on site for up to 6 months
  • Shore-D hardness and Tg testing for modeling paste
  • All TDS and MSDS sheets
  • Process checklists and shop travelers

Post Cure and Vacuum Integrity

  • Thermocouple location map and profile
  • Drop test certification report
  • Time-stamped HD video

Our QA process includes a complete 3D simulation of all machined surfaces prior to cutting

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