Quality Assurance

Craftsmanship and quality initiatives are well documented and made available through our project management function.

Craftsmanship and quality initiatives are documented with the following procedures, and copies can be made available through the project management function here at Symmetrix Composite Tooling.


CNC Machining

  • CAD file management and file control
  • Cutting authorization procedures and documents
  • Complete 3D simulation of all machined surfaces
  • CNC machine calibration checks before every finish cut
  • Cutting tool lengths and wear measured and calibrated before every finish cut
  • Visual inspection check list
  • 3rd party metrology reports


Composite Processing

  • Standard raw material inspection and acceptance procedures
  • Document control of all raw materials including lot, vat, batch and date of manufacture
  • Samples of all resins and seamless modeling paste collected and retained for 6 months
  • Shore-D hardness and Tg testing for seamless modeling paste
  • All TDS and MSDS sheets
  • Process check list and shop travelers


Post Cure

  • Thermocouples location map and profile


Vacuum Integrity

  • Drop test certification report
  • Time stamped HD video

Our QA process includes a complete 3D simulation of all machined surfaces prior to cutting.