Symmetrix and COVID-19

Symmetrix and COVID-19

Fortunate to say the least! 

Managing large-format composite tooling projects at three tooling shops across the US provides the expected challenges. Add the COVID-19 pandemic to the mix, and you have a completely different set of circumstances.  With thoughtful policies mixed in equal measure with some stubbornness, our craftsman never missed a day. 

A good thing, too, as we were in the middle of two large projects when the uncertainty of staying in operations became apparent – a 60+meter wind turbine tooling job as well as electric delivery truck tooling.  That uncertainty gave way with a letter from the Department of Home Land Security with clear instructions to proceed on our ‘essential’ projects, just to be careful!

For Symmetrix, it was critical that our employees were safe and comfortable with coming to work each day. Keeping the doors open meant shifting into a seven day a week schedule with multiple shifts to cut back on population density on the shop floor. Systems put in place included pre-screening, increased cleaning, sourcing extra PPEs, socially distancing, and generally looking out for each other.  Communications and shared PPEs between the shops was critical as the world’s markets shifted.  Plant managers were insistent on adhering to CDC and state guidelines to ensure that our employees and their families stayed safe. It was imperative that employees felt safe and protected as we kept as ‘business as usual’ as we could.  

“I’m really proud of our management team for their creative solutions and the courage to implement.  Our customers were thrilled that we managed to stay on schedule!” commented John Barnitt, President of Symmetrix.   

Our doors remain open. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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