29 Components for Back Cove to create their Back Cove 39

29 Components for Back Cove to create their Back Cove 39

Symmetrix Composites was eager to work again with the talented team at Back Cove to produce plugs and molds for the hull, deck, IGU, and several other critical components for their newest design, the BC39o. Our team utilized capacity spread across our three locations to deliver not just the big components, but also the smaller molds. From seats to swim platforms and hatches to panels, there was a total of 29 components delivered, accurately built, to minimize errors, and improve customer productivity over many pulls.  

Thanks to the addition of Abby Preston, our new Sales Account and Project Manager, our shops were able to easily communicate and collaborate to produce the parts. Our engineers were in full communication with the Back Cove designers and project managers throughout the process and that efficient collaboration helped us complete this project.  

“We were able to do 13 smaller plugs in Nevada while Rhode Island took on the larger components including the Hull and Deck,” said Preston, who is based in Rhode Island. “This was a massive logistical collaboration coordinating our site managers, build teams, and engineers, as well as the team at Back Cove. Constant communication was key. 

“The success of a project like this does a few things. It proves to our customers there is product parity across our locations. The increased capacity also allows us to reduce lead times. With the North Carolina fully online, and plans in place to replicate both facilities’ capabilities in a new Nevada location, more of these multi-site projects will help shorten lead times for our customers,” continued Preston. “We look forward to working with Back Cove again.” 

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