Sabre 66

DTM hull tooling


Client: Sabre / Back Cove Yachts

Designer: Kevin Burns


Scope of work

  • CNC machined direct to mold hull surface measuring at 185 m² or 2000 ft²
  • Hydraulically actuated surface / See video:
  • Split on centerline to accommodate the classic tumblehome hull shape
  • Optimized to support closed molding vacuum infusion hull laminating process
  • Engineered solutions to anticipate extreme exotherm during infusion: This surface had heat shielding material incorporated into the composite tooling laminate as well as thermocouple wiring for real time measurement and management throughout cure
  • Supplied an FRP single skin transom mold that was removable and a traditional deck pattern as well

Symmetrix gave us confidence to do something that had never been done before, something so large scale. From conceptualizing, researching and problem solving, to follow through with manufacturing and product – their project management started early on and continued through the whole project. We rely on agile partnerships so we can continue to focus on product development. Symmetrix is a true partner to us when it comes to difficult tooling operations and that is what is invaluable to us.

Kevin Burns

VP of Design and Product Development, Sabre / Back Cove Yachts

Project Images