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Machined surface area.


TPI Composites and Proterra



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Machined surface area 198 m² or 2130 ft²
TPI Composites and Symmetrix partnered to supply Proterra with a weight optimized, 40’ intercity commuter bus, built from composite materials and completely powered by electricity for zero emissions.

Symmetrix shaped the large format, complex surfaces called for in the design of the bus’ master pattern to tight tolerances, eliminating errors in its geometry for an error-free finished product. See the detail and complexity of the bus, especially in the upper surfaces that house and hide the recharging and cooling system here.

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They do a really good job of keeping open communication – consistently providing updates and were very quick to contact us with any issues. We had a very positive experience and outcome. It was a pleasure doing business and would certainly do it again.

Brian Lucchesi
Engineering Manager, TPI Composites

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