The Hinckley 'Bermuda' 50

FRP Production Tooling


Client: The Hinckley Company, a premier boat builder of the highest quality standards

Designer: Bill Tripp


Scope of work

  • CNC machined patterns and plugs for the hull, deck, transom, steering pedestals, and interior pans
  • Plug surface finish advanced to 400/600 grit and buffed to high gloss finish
  • FRP Production tooling with a gel-coat finish, Vinyl ester ‘low shrink’ resin system, CSM, print blocker and core
  • Split on centerline with removable shears for demolding. Hull tool included a walkway and safety hand rails
  • Our tooling supported the hull and deck laminate that was infused carbon fiber with epoxy resin and a painted finish
  • The accuracy of the CNC tooling produced fair and symmetrical surfaces while shop craftsmanship took care of the details

Accuracy is spot on. The speed of producing product and tooling was very good. They provided project details as requested, were very accommodating and easy to work with. All in all, wouldn’t change a thing.

Pete Smith

Senior Product Engineer, The Hinckley Company

Project Images