Factory Five Project 818

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CNC machined body panels.


Factory Five



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Pattern and Plugs

Scope of work
  • CNC machine all racing car body panels
  • Contact laminate tooling
  • +/-1mm on panel intersections

Located in Wareham, MA, Factory Five produces novelty car kits. Each kit has a unique theme/style and a particular engine/drive train configuration. In the case of Project 818, the car is designed to weigh 818 kgs with a mid-engine location. Rather than a one-piece body, the car is configured as a set of smaller panels, requiring tight-tolerance, one-piece molds. Symmetrix utilized the fully digitized shape of the car to deliver extremely accurate, CNC machined surfaces. The result: tight fitting panels, free from mold parting lines commonly seen on other fiberglass bodies, needing little-to-no paint prep work to get customers out of the garage and onto the road.

“Grassroots Motorsports” awarded the 818 an Editors’ Choice award for 2013. This car’s power to weight ratio makes it a phenomenal contender with many super cars on the market.


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