Composite Tooling Services

Subhead. Large scale, high precision.

Patterns & Plugs

The Symmetrix CNC machining center facilitates the newest and most sophisticated CMS 5-axis milling machining for advanced composites. To learn more see Capabilities/CNC.

Our patterns and plugs support a variety of composite tooling methods such as:

  • LRTM
  • Close molding vacuum assisted tooling, i.e., Infusion, VARTM and SCRIMP
    • Vacuum Bag consolidation
  • Contact Laminate Tooling

Symmetrix combines well defined process and materials specific to each project including ridged backing structures, composite material substrates and extruded modeling paste for minimal shrinkage. Our finishing team has the skill and craftsmanship to advance finishes supporting your requirements.

DTM Limited Production

Limited use composite tooling (also known as Direct To Mold) bypasses the pattern and plug making step by machining the mold side of the surface supporting direct composite part making.  This can cut valuable time out of a limited run program or facilitating a prototyping initiative.  Our process is complementary to a variety of composite part making process such as:

  • Gel-coat / CSM contact laminates
  • Vacuum bag consolidation
  • Close molding vacuum assisted tooling, i.e., Infusion, VARTM and SCRIMP

Processing temperature options from ambient to 140F/60C or Med/HT range of 185F/85C

FRP Tooling

We consciously consider project details such as expected number of pulls, the finish requirements, the anticipated temperature range of the project, and suitable materials. Shop aids, plants, tooling ball locations and scribes are all considered in an effort to maximize the value of Symmetrix’s craftsmanship and quality into the finished product.



  • High Temperature Infusion Tooling
  • Cored Laminates
  • Resin Infusion
  • Contact Laminates
  • Vacuum Bag Consolidation

A Unique Selling Point

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