Symmetrix Shapes the World’s Largest Surfboard

Symmetrix Shapes the World’s Largest Surfboard

The Guinness Book of World Records named a surfboard built by Symmetrix as the World’s Largest Surfboard.

Visit Huntington Beach and the Epic Big Board Ride used our surfboard to successfully break the world record for the Most people riding a surfboard after cramming 66 people onto 1 giant board as part of their ‘100 years of surfing’ celebration.

So enormous that it had to be lifted into the sea by a forklift, the mega surfboard measures 12.83 m (42’ ft 1.5 in) long, 3.37 m (11 ft 1 in) wide and 0.41m (1 ft 4.4 in) thick.

Read the full Guinness Book of World Records article here


John talks to WPRO about the project


Symmetrix Attending CAMX 2014 in Orlando, FL

Symmetrix Attending CAMX 2014 in Orlando, FL

A manufacturer of complex shapes and surfaces for innovative composite craftsmen, Symmetrix Composite Tooling will be introducing its new 30,000 sq ft facility, including the new 86’ CMS 5-Axis CNC Machine and 100’ spray booth.

CAMX - Oct 14 - 16
Symmetrix Composite Tooling will be debuting its new CMS Poseidon 5-axis CNC machine at the Composites & Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX), in Orlando, FL from October 14-15, 2014. The new machine, installed in Symmetrix’s newly expanded Bristol, RI facility, has a work envelope of 26m x 6.2m x 3m, with accuracies tighter than a millimeter. CMS worked with Symmetrix to meticulously install the machine, starting with building preparations in June of 2014, continuing through installation and calibration, finishing in August. By the first week of September, the new machine was fully functional and cutting new tooling.

“The Poseidon is built for large machining projects, never compromising rigidity or stability and reaching large work envelop sizes,” says Jack Faas, Application/Programming Manager for CMS NA. “Symmetrix’s machine was calibrated and certified to an overall volumetric tolerance of 0.1mm.”

As the machine was being installed, the Symmetrix team was constructing a 100’ spray booth. The booth is climate controlled and fully ventilated as well as dividable for work on multiple jobs at a time. This will allow Symmetrix to work with various materials without compromising quality or safety.

“The new Symmetrix facility is by anyone’s measure, ‘state of the art’,” says John Barnitt, president of Symmetrix Composite Tooling. “At 40,000sqf, our space facilitates the newest and most sophisticated CMS 5 axis milling machining for advanced composites. We are able to offer large-envelope opportunities without compromising accuracy.  Supported by a talented workforce of skilled craftsman and a climate controlled spay booth, Symmetrix is in a great position to meet the advanced needs of our customers.”

Visit Symmetrix at booth 3966 at this year’s CAMX in Orlando.


Symmetrix Open House a Success

Friday, September 26 in Bristol, RI was as beautiful of a fall day as you are going to get. The guys in the shop were greeted at 7:30am by the smell of BBQ smoking. At 2pm, work stopped, and we welcomed in friends, family, and finally got to have a little bit of that BBQ.

mouldCAM US Open House

The goal for the day was to say thank you. Thank you, of course, to the customers who keep the machine running, but also to our vendors who never run out of our most frequently ordered items, and to our families who put up with the Saturdays, holidays, and late nights of work. Without the support of each of them, Symmetrix would never have reached where we are today.

mouldCAM US open house

So of course, there were kids running around molds and husbands and wives walking around in our shoes. There were vendors finally seeing what it is we do with their product – Insulation Technology provides Symmetrix with the EPS foam used for the structure of our molds, and a lot of it. The machine had just finished the rough cut on one part of the wind turbine, and the crowd was inspecting the foam and all the little pieces of foam dust left in its wake. Clare Evans, business development at Symmetrix, spoke with Marcia of Insulation Technology.

“I’ve been trying to get you guys to use smaller vacuum bags,” said Marcia, referring to the large bags that hang on the west side of the machine, “but now I’m surprised they’re as small as they are!”

After the guests were able to walk through the inside of the machine, or envelope as we call it, the BBQ was served and the machine was turned on.

mouldCAM open house

The crowd was able to see what we’ve assumed all along – this machine is awesome.

Mark Northey, president of mouldCAM UK, made the trip west to support Symmetrix.

“John Barnitt and his team have invested a huge amount of time, hard work and money in Symmetrix in the last few years and their efforts really have culminated in a world-class operation complete with brand new state of the art CMS 5 axis cnc machine 28m x 6m x 3m and a purpose-built sectional spray booth with heating and extraction. It was a huge pleasure to be present to see this flagship venture up and running and working on 58m wind turbine blade tooling”

mouldCAM US Open House

TJ Perrotti of US Watercraft and his sons were ecstatic to see everything up and running.

“I stopped by the new Symmetrix shop with my two boys this evening. Though my expectations were high, I walked away even more impressed that I can barely comprehend. The size and speed of the new CNC machine is amazing. Just as impressive is the whole layout of the new shop … fabrication weld area, HUGE dual-sectioned spray booth, and a talented crew to keep everything in smoothly in production. Congratulations to JB and the entire Symmetrix team … this new shop will certainly be an asset to any industry!”

Finally, at 8pm, the crowds had dwindled and the BBQ had been put away. Guests left full and happy – exactly what we had been hoping. It was a great start to what will sure to be an incredible tenure at 115B Broadcommon Road.

Symmetrix Open House

Thank You
Symmetrix Composite Tooling Open House

Friday September 26, 2014. 2 – 8 pm
115B Broadcommon Road, Bristol RI 02809

Thank you for helping us get here. Family, friends, customers, and vendors – please join us at the new shop on Friday, September 26 between 2 – 8pm for a tour, some food, and perhaps a beer or two. BBQ will start up at 4pm. Let us show you around, tell you about the move, and get you excited about whats to come.

Please RSVP at the link below to make sure we have enough food and beer!

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Symmetrix US Open House

Sneak Peek: The machine being installed

Share in the celebration as Symmetrix Composite Tooling thanks our clients, suppliers, friends, and family at the official introduction of our new facility. It’s an Open House meets Facility Tour with a hint of backyard BBQ.

Friday, September 26
2pm – 8pm
115 Broadcommon Road
Bristol, RI

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