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Daedalus Yachts is using composite construction to build the first high-speed, zero emissions sailing yacht.

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

Here’s a look at the concrete slab being finished on our brand new, purpose-built, 40,000 ft² shop in Minden, Nevada.

This will be our third, nearly identical facility, scheduled to be completed and fully functional in June 2021. 

We’ll keep you updated as the project progresses. 

A plug for the new J/9

A plug for the new J/9

The following release was originally posted on Sailing Scuttlebutt: Getting techie to build the plug

Published on December 5th, 2020

With the anticipated launch of the new J/9 in Spring 2021, J/Boats describe the process to commence production:

J/9 hull and deck plug construction has been completed by Symmetrix Composite Tooling in Bristol, Rhode Island. Symmetrix is the most advanced precision tooling company in New England and carved both the J/9 hull and deck plugs using the state-of-the-art CMS Poseidon 5-axis Machining System.

This machine has an overhead computer-controlled universal robotic cutter head that runs down calibrated tracks on top of the walls from one end to the other and can reach almost anywhere within the space.

Symmetrix engineers analyzed the J/9 3D design models provided by J/Boats using the Siemens NX11 CAD/CAM software and ran a series of simulations to arrive at final machining instructions for the 5-axis milling machine. The Siemens NX11 software is a quantum leap forward in delivering tooling not just quickly, but also accurately.

The same machine is used at leading edge, high-tech aerospace companies like Boeing, SpaceX, and McDonnell Douglas. The NX10 gives Symmetrix complete surface model control and simulation in full 5-axis machining instructions; it can achieve tolerance within 1 millimeter over a 26-meter surface and in a fraction of the time.

Then, the exciting part starts. First, the steel backbone frame with foam blocking is milled to within an inch or two of the final plug surfaces (all milled foam is recycled). Then, the plug and foam are encased by fiberglass/epoxy reinforcement. Finally, an epoxy milling paste is applied over the glass.

The part returns to the milling machine for a second and final precision machining operation to take it to the final surface. Hand-sanding to 800 grit and buffing to a mirror shine then completes the effort.

From initial steel framing construction, to precision milling operations, to the final polishing, the process to build a complete mirror finish hull/ deck plug took just seven weeks. Production molds are under construction at CCF Composites and thereafter the J/9 production begins after January 2021.

Hodgdon Tenders Launch New Electric Tenders with help of Symmetrix Composites

Hodgdon Tenders Launch New Electric Tenders with help of Symmetrix Composites

The following release from Hodgdon Tenders. Symmetrix Composites was responsible for all the tooling for their new all-electric tenders.

Damariscotta, Maine (November 2020) – Continuing the success of these two proven platforms, Hodgdon Tenders is now offering all electric versions of their 10.5m forward helm and 12m aft helm limousine Venetian line tenders.

The Venetian tender line has been designed in collaboration with Michael Peters Yacht Design and engineered by Hodgdon Tenders’ in-house team. The electric version of these two tenders were developed without compromising the custom details and luxury features that are the hallmark of the Venetian line.

Both boats will be powered by Vita Power , a high performance fully electric powertrain for the recreational marine sector. The V3 and V4 fully electric powertrains from Vita Power deliver 220kW / 295hp and 440kW / 590hp respectively.

“At Hodgdon we have always endeavored to push the boundaries in terms of materials, technology, and design to optimize performance. Our move into providing all electric tenders is further evidence of this and addresses increasing demand from the market for zero emissions tenders onboard superyachts,” says Audrey Hodgdon, Director of Sales & Marketing. “We’re pleased to have developed two tenders that offer benefits that can only be achieved with electric, while remaining true to the Venetian line’s style and quality.”

In addition to its high performance, Vita Power is the first fully electric propulsion system compatible with DC fast charging significantly reducing the charging time using Vita superPower, the first fully marinised charging system.

The CEO of Vita Rory Trahair adds, “We are delighted to be working with one of the foremost brands in the yacht tender market to develop what we believe to be the first fully electric superyacht tenders. The use case for electric tenders for superyachts is proven and the technology is available today”.

Both the 10.5m and 12m Venetian line electric tenders are fully engineered solutions with build slots available.

Symmetrix Composites Announces Technical Partnership with America’s Cup American Magic

Symmetrix Composites Announces Technical Partnership with America’s Cup American Magic

PATRIOT, American Magic’s second AC75 foiling monohull, practices on the Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand, site of the 36th America’s Cup next March (photo courtesy American Magic).

BRISTOL, R.I. (Oct. 20, 2020) – Symmetrix Composite Tooling, a full-service composite tooling manufacturer of complex and innovative designs, is proud to announce a Supplier/Technical Partnership with New York Yacht Club American Magic, the U.S. Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup next year in New Zealand.

Utilizing Symmetrix’s large format CMS Poseidon 5-Axis CNC machine, the company produced the patterns and molds for American Magic’s two AC75 foiling monohulls as well as the towering, 26-meter tall mast.

While building custom boats from molds is nothing new, the technology implemented in this build was innovative. By using the 26-meter long by 6.2-meter wide milling machine the team at Symmetrix was able to produce full scale master patterns to within sub-millimeter accuracy. The patterns were then used to create high-temperature carbon-fiber molds from which the hulls of American Magic’s two boats were built. This unique process allowed the build team to maximize the dimensional accuracy of these impressive tools for yachts competing at speeds reaching 50 knots.

“Accuracy and reliability are an important part of building an America’s Cup-winning design,” said John Barnitt, President of Symmetrix Composite Tooling and a three-time winner of the America’s Cup. “Timelines are compressed when it comes to build schedules and the testing phase, so a good collaboration is vital to the synergy between suppliers and the team. We’ve had that with American Magic.”

The technical partnership between Symmetrix Composite Tooling and American Magic first began when the company helped create a mast for the team’s testing platform, The Mule, in 2017. The plugs and molds were developed for the first hull, DEFIANT, that launched in Rhode Island in September 2019, followed by the second and final hull, PATRIOT, which launched October 16 in New Zealand. 

“We are proud to officially partner with Symmetrix, who participated in creating all three of American Magic’s boats,” said Rob Ouellette, Chief Operating Officer for American Magic. “Having Symmetrix located just down the street from our production facility in Bristol made this a natural partnership, but in truth we could not have found a better tooling supplier anywhere in the world. With the help of Symmetrix, we have been able to add another chapter to the long and proud history of America’s Cup boatbuilding in Rhode Island.”

“The American Magic boatbuilders are clearly some of the best ‘out of autoclave’ composite processers in the world and being tasked to build the carbon tooling for DEFIANT and PATRIOT was very special for us,” said Barnitt. “The program checked all of the boxes for Symmetrix – the size and shape of the hull, geometry verification, tight tolerances, matching thermal expansion and, of course, the tight timeline. This is a fantastic, results-proven partnership for Symmetrix Composite Tooling.”

American Magic’s AC75 PATRIOT in Auckland.

Founded in July 2010, Symmetrix Composite Tooling has manufacturing locations based in Rhode Island, North Carolina and Nevada.

The headquarters, in Bristol, R.I., is a 40,000-square-foot facility purpose-built for CNC digital fabrication. It features the company’s large format CMS Poseidon 5-Axis Machining Center, climate-controlled spray booth, and steel fabrication/carpentry shop. It also houses an extensive array of pattern and tool making essentials such as a resin impregnator, gel coat spray and CSM guns, 2KM meter-mix paste machines, vacuum pumps, and hydronic post curing equipment.

The Statesville, North Carolina location came online earlier this year and is a 40,000 sq. ft. facility purpose-built for CNC digital fabrication. It features a new large-format (26m x 6.2m x 3m) CMS Poseidon 5-axis machining center, identical to our machine in Bristol RI. It also has Laser tracker metrology for geometry verification, an 8m x 3m Climate Controlled Paint Booth (27m x 6m on order), digitally controlled modeling paste metering, mixing and dispensing, vacuum and infusion equipment, metal fabrication and welding, gelcoat, chopped fiber application and spray gear, and a fabric resin impregnator.

The Nevada Innovation Center, located in Carson City and opened in Dec. 2017, is a 13,300 sq. ft. facility that features the Ares 6026 5-Axis Machining Center, climate-controlled spray booth, and steel fabrication/carpentry shop. It also includes pattern and tool making essentials, along with 2KM meter-mix paste machines, vacuum pumps, and post-curing equipment. Symmetrix recently broke ground on a brand new, purpose-built facility in nearby Minden, NV designed to match our two other Centers for Composite Innovation. 

Symmetrix Composite Tooling is a privately held company, wholly owned by President John Barnitt, and leads the way to the future of composite tooling.

Ground Breaking News

Ground Breaking News

Shape your next design with us as we continue to expand capacity around the country.

Symmetrix Composite Tooling broke ground this week on our brand new 40,000 sq. ft. purpose-built Center for Composites Innovation in Minden, Nevada.  Foregoing the traditional golden shovel photo opportunity, Symmetrix President, John Barnitt commandeered the bulldozer and took “groundbreaking” to a whole new level.

Are you interested in hearing more? Symmetrix Composite Tooling is preparing to exhibit at the upcoming CAMX and IBEX virtual trade shows. Reserve a meeting time on our landing page, or “virtual booths” to discuss our latest expansion and your projects in greater detail.