Patterns & Plugs

Bring your complex shape to life without compromising accuracy.

Symmetrix combines a well defined process with materials tailored for each project, including rigid backing structures, composite material substrates, and extruded modeling paste for minimal shrinkage, to provide you with a very precise plug or pattern. Our finishing team has the skill and craftsmanship to apply a variety of advanced finishes to meet your requirements.


Our patterns and plugs support a variety of composite tooling methods

  • Contact laminate tooling
  • Vacuum bag consolidation
  • Closed molding
  • LRTM

We have the expertise and equipment to bring your complex shape to life with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Our CNC machining center houses the newest and most sophisticated large format CMS 5-axis milling machining for advanced composites. Coupled with the craftsmanship of our finishing team, Symmetrix is capable of producing extremely accurate, large scale patterns and plugs for a variety of industries.