High Temp Molds

When your parts require an elevated curing or post-cure.

Symmetrix builds the mold with materials that match the thermal performance your project requires both in terms of heat distortion and thermal expansion. For pre-preg or infused carbon fiber components, we may recommend molds built of carbon fiber infused with a high-temperature resin system to maximize the dimensional accuracy of the finished piece and reduce the likelihood of built-in stresses. This also maximizes the lifespan of the mold. 


    We have the expertise and equipment to bring your complex shape to life with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

    Our CNC machining center houses the newest and most sophisticated large format CMS 5-axis milling machining for advanced composites. Coupled with the craftsmanship of our finishing team, Symmetrix is capable of producing extremely accurate, large scale patterns and plugs for a variety of industries.