DTM Limited Production

Faster to market. Cost effective. Ideal for prototypes and limited production runs.

Limited use composite tooling (also known as Direct To Mold) bypasses the pattern and plug making step by machining the mold side of the surface to support direct composite part making. This can cut valuable time out of a limited run program or facilitate a prototyping initiative. We support a variety of composite part making processes such as:

  • Gel-coat / CSM contact laminates
  • Vacuum bag consolidation
  • Closed molding vacuum assisted tooling, i.e., Infusion, VARTM and SCRIMP
  • Processing temperature options from ambient to 140F/60C or Med/HT range of 185F/85C

Above, Sabre 66 machined female DTM Hull. Below, DTM deck for Carbon Ocean’s Class 40 Longbow.

Cut valuable time out of your limited run program with our DTM Limited Production Service. We support a variety of composite part making processes including gel-coat / CSM contact laminates, vacuum bag consolidation, and closed molding vacuum assisted tooling.