The Hinckley 'Bermuda' 50

The Hinckley Company, a premier boat builder of the highest quality standards turns to Symmetrix Composite Tooling to shape it’s innovative hull form.

Nordex 58m Wind Turbine Blade

Symmetrix Composite tooling has been involved in a dozen wind energy programs including the Nordex 58m program for TPI Composites in Warren RI. The Nordex 58m program is the largest so far.


Meeting the precision and quality standards for SpaceX required CAD file controls, material selection, and our expert CNC machining skills.

Factory Five Project 818

Symmetrix utilized a fully digitized shape of the Project 818 car to deliver extremely accurate, CNC machined surfaces to extremely tight tolerances.

Wind-Scoop Skylight

Symmetrix machined the complex shape that became the wind-scoop skylight at the Staten Island Children’s Museum in two parts to accommodate draft and release.