5-Axis CNC Machining

The newest and most sophisticated CMS 5-Axis Machining Centers for advanced composites.

CMS Poseidon 5-Axis Machining Center

Large format CNC machining is one of our core competencies. The Poseidon is made specifically for large machining projects: It never compromises rigidity or stability over an impressively large work envelope. Further improving its overall structural stability, the Poseidon’s A & C axes are equipped with a pneumatic breaking system, which locks either or both the A and C axes when the interpolated movement is not required, resulting in greater 3-axis rigidity. With the Poseidon as its centerpiece, our RI facility is fully optimized for precision machining of advanced composite materials and is certified to an overall volumetric tolerance of 0.1mm or .004”.

X = 26m /83.3’ Y = 6.2m /20.4’ Z = 3m /9.9’ A = +/-120° C = +/- 270°


Ares Model 6026 5-Axis Machining Center

The Ares Machining Center extends our wide range of tooling materials to include aluminum and cured carbon fiber. The Ares combines high precision 5-axis capabilities with a rigid monobloc frame structure for accuracy and stability. Like the Poseidon, an automatic, pneumatic braking system locks axis movement when B or C axis interpolation is not needed, giving the system valuable rigidity for even greater precision. It is also equipped with a vacuum table measuring 6,040 mm x 2,365 mm (237.79” x 93.11”).

X = 6,000 mm/19.6’  Y = 2,600 mm/8.53’  Z = 1,200 mm/3.93’  B = +/- 120°  C = +/- 270°


Siemens NX12 CAD/CAM Software

Our use of Siemens NX12 CAD/CAM software is a quantum leap forward in delivering highly accurate tooling. NX12 gives Symmetrix complete surface model control and simulation in either 3+2 optimized or full 5-axis machining instruction, so we can produce outputs that even seasoned mold-makers can’t achieve by hand. Whether it’s a curved composite roof column or the exacting requirements of an America’s Cup racing yacht, we can achieve tolerances within tenths of millimeters over the entire surface.


Precision, Perfection

Symmetrix’s unique combination of sophisticated software, precision Machining Centers, and expert craftsmen means that your tooling is highly accurate and delivered in a fraction of the time over conventional processes. Utilizing molds produced with this high degree of accuracy increases your production flexibility and eliminates repeating errors, which rrsults in significant cost savings. For example, a series of smaller molds can easily and confidently be consolidated into a master mold, reducing storage requirements and maximizing your production space. And common components across a product range can be produced with the knowledge that they’ll fit perfectly each time.

Large format CNC machining is one of our core competencies made possible by the newly installed CMS Poseidon 5-axis Machining Center at our RI facility. Below, the final cut of a sailboat hull.

Applying the advanced technologies in our Composite Innovation Centers, our outputs far exceed that of conventional processes. Whether it's the exacting requirements for curved composite roof columns or for an America's Cup racing yacht, we achieve tolerances within millimeters over a machined surface, in a fraction of the time.