Symmetrix Composite Tooling, Inc. is a multi-axis digital fabricator specializing in composites and serving progressive industries such as alternative energy, transportation, marine, art, and architecture, operating multiple tooling plants located across the country. Customer satisfaction is
essential to the success of the company.

The Sales Account/Project Manager will be the conduit between the customer and factory effectively communicating and managing their needs and expectations with production’s capabilities and capacity. The role will see customer projects through from lead generation and closing of the sale,
into manufacture and on to successful delivery.

Working under the direction of Senior Management, and the Plant Manager the Sales Account/Project Manager will:

  • Manage existing B2B accounts, ensuring customer satisfaction by facilitating communication, nurturing relationships, resolving conflicts and providing solutions in a timely manner.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of the sales lifecycle from quoting/estimating to deliver acting as the point of contact to handle customers individual needs.
  • Develop new business with existing customers and actively identify and pursue new sales opportunities as appropriate.
  • Communicate project details, specific requirements and project changes with manufacturing.
  • Collaborate with operations on project planning and execution to maximize performance and ensure customer expectations are met.
  • Create and maintain project documentation.
  • Make customer site visits as required.
  • Contribute to product feedback and technical development.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the other Symmetrix business units to capitalize on sales opportunities.

Key Internal Relationships include:

  • Plant Manager
  • Plant Administrator
  • Design and Engineering
  • Shop Floor Supervisor
  • SYMX Group via sales and project update during the Tuesday Program review meetings
  • SG&A team

The Sales Account & Project Manager is expected to have excellent communication skills, be pro- active and initiate team building and problem solving utilizing these tools:

  • ERP/MRP software
  • Quoting and estimating models
  • CRM software
  • FRP tooling method and production process documentation
  • CAD/CAM and 3D modeling software

Support Structure:

  • Plant Manager will be responsible for effectively planning, directing and coordinating all activities of the tooling plant. The tooling shop Floor Supervisor will manage the workforce under the direction of the Plant Manager and will focus on the day to day, job by job task assignments for the entire workforce. This can vary based on customer needs and market pressure but in general terms consists of 25-30 positions in the following trades: Digital Fabrication- CAD/CAM & CNC operations, Fabrication, Paste and Foam application, Lamination, and Finishing.
  • Bookkeeping & HR will report to the Plant Manager and will be supported in method and process by the SG&A team. Activities will include: Pay Roll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Account Reconciliation, Purchasing & Inventory, Balance Sheet, Company Assets, P&L, and General Leger. Bookkeeping will invoice as directed and calculate the weekly cost of goods sold reports for Program Review.
  • Sales & Project management will work under the direction of the Plant Manager and interface with customers on project related issues such as project details, documentation, project milestones and scheduling. Sales & Project management will be the point of contact for existing customers and quote repeat work, travel to the client’s shop representing Symmetrix, and attend trade shows.

A talented, hard working person with a positive attitude will win this position. Salary is competitive and balanced with experience. To learn more about Symmetrix Composite Tooling, you are welcome to view the company website ( and Facebook. If you feel you meet the above standards, please e-mail your resume to careers(a)